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Time stamp smart presence log

fiekfiek Member
edited November 2016 in Archive
hi guys,

i installed the smart presence app ( kudos for the maker), because unfortunately the build in presence doesnt work. I noticed that the time stamp of the log is not correct. There is an hour difference. The Homey time is however correct. Anybody experiencing the same?


  • There's a Z behind the time, this means it's noted in Zulu-time.  Kind of like GMT.
    Check Homey's settings, there are 2 time-settings, 1 is also in Zulu, the other is in 'human' :)
  • Aah ok..thnx for the explanation :) wouldn't be beter to use the human time then? thats the actual time .

    Better Logic app has the same 'problem' now, seems to be something that changed with the last firmware.
  • @Fire69  Are you using this app or the built in presence detection? The built in presence detection is totally unreliable and doesn't work 80% of the time. The smart presence app works a lot better, but every night I get two away and home notifications both for me and my girl.

    During the day it works OK. It looks like the phones loose connection during the night. Can you give me some pointers to solve this maybe?
  • I have the same, but only for my wife's phone.  Very strange, it connects/disconnects a lot at night, up to 10 times!
    I don't think there is much you can do about it, except play around with the app settings a little.
  • Ok will try that.. thnx
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