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[IDEA for appstore]

powermarcel10powermarcel10 Member
edited November 2016 in Archive
Hi guys,

The appstore for Homey is awesome! However, I think I have some ideas to improve it. Some things that I am missing:

-When an app is selected, I would like to see a link to the specific forum thread if its availible.

-I like to see when the app had been released, and when it had been updated.

-I would really like to see a catogery "All plugins" where I can scroll through all plugins..

-A category "New plugins and/or recent updated"

Maybe you guys can something with this ideas!

Cheers and Keep up the good work.



  • +1 for forum link ! Just make it possible for the developer to configure that as part of an app publish
  • +1 for those ideas.

    Maybe its me but I find the new app store very messy, to much "in your face" for me, app store and it apps takes up the whole screen, I prefer a much centered view.
  • +1 for the link to the forum topic. 

    Also it would be create for developers to get an notification if someone adds a comment on their (or one of their) apps. I don't think that this is implemented yet.
  • JBenjaminsJBenjamins Member
    edited November 2016
    +1 for release history, including timeline

    Also an observation: on my iPad Air (which is generally fast) the appstore is really sluggish, using the default Safari browser. It never was fast, but the new appstore is even slower on the iPad. Have not tested Chrome, admittedly.
  • The new app store looks really nice! I hope development will continue so it will evolve even more over time. 

    Something I would like to have as an end-goal would be to zoom in on a device level to see which funtionality is supported per device. For example: The fibaro motion sensor also supports temperature. It would be nice to see this feature is also supported by the Homey app?
    It would also help me a lot if the comments/forum-thread could be filtered/split per device so I can more easely search for answeres about the installation for example.

    Features such as release history and link to forum topic would be nice to have first. 
  • All valid suggestions. However..

    The app store is usable whereas there are things in Homey's core OS that are not. I would urge Athom to concentrate any and all development to Homeys firmware and leave the app store in its current state (for now). 
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