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[Solved] Ipad support

EagleEyeManEagleEyeMan Member
edited May 2017 in Questions & Help
Hi Homies,

Two days ago I recieved my Homey and yesterday I installed it. After some difficulties (Ipad default browser) I finally installed it correctly but I cannot see any menus of

I can login en connect to my Homey with my Ipad but when I click Devices there are no zones visible and when I click settings the menu will keep loading forever.

Same results for Chrome and Safari on the Ipad.

When I login through the PC there is no problem with the menus.

Can anyone help me solve this problem or is this a bug?



  • DaneeDeKruyffDaneeDeKruyff Member
    edited October 2016
    'It's not a bug it's a feature' Athom decided to develop homeys webinterface only for Chrome. Chrome on an iPad is just a wrapper around Safari. 
    I would love to see it work on an iPad so I don't have to boot a laptop to manage homey or to have a quick look in Insights.
  • Ok, thanks! Fortunately the set-ups works by an Ipad. My desktop don't have WiFi.
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