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fibaro binary sensor alternative

WimstradamusWimstradamus Member
edited October 2016 in Archive
Hi guys,

i need the community's help for this one.
I use a rfid keypad hooked up to an Fibaro binary sensor, so i can turn on and off the alarm sensors connected to Homey.
But Homey currently does not support the Fibaro Binary sensor and i looks like its gonna take a while if it is gonna happen at all.

So im looking for a alternative way to hook up my rfid keypad to a type of sensor (min 2 inputs, on/of prefer 3 so i can also add tamper)
or a rfid keypad that i can connect directly to Homey.
Benext or (are the same i guess) sell a zwave rfid keypad, only it is not yet supported by both brand Apps for Homey.

The reason i want this and not geolocation because geolocation sucks, it never works and i want people to get access without a smartphone, because the don't have one or i case the battery is dead.

Do you have any suggestions for me to look at ??


  • casedacaseda Member
    edited October 2016
    I've had an idea i was already playing around with in my head sometime..

    is to convert a normal (fibaro) 230 relay module to work on 12v input (everything inside is 12v or lower)
    and it's actually really easy to do this, i blew up half my first try (woops blush, seems like it can't handle a shortcircuit very well..)
    but 1 of 2 relay's did work (yay) on my 12v input voltage.

    it is very limited range on input voltage (10 - 15v) but the place i'm using it has a stable 12v so it didn't matter that much to me.
    if you have little bit higher voltage it's pretty easy to add a small resistor in series of the input.

    if you're interested i can show you how to do it.

    it does require (de)soldering
  • thanks for the reply, correct me if i'm wrong but a relay switch does not have any sensor inputs right??

    Yesterday i added the binary sensor a generic device, and homy added 1 device, that works and triggers the rfid input.
    so now i could add another one for the tamper and a third for a button function (doorbell) 
    it is a work around i don't really want because 1 binary should be enough but for now it is the cheapest option, i can almost by 2 binary sensors for the price of 1 relay switch that (in my opinion) does not do what i want (having inputs)
  • oh really, it does work as a basic device?
    didn't know that, couldn't get it to work normally thanks for this info though :smile:

    but true about the inputs, it does have inputs but they don't work on "no" voltage..
  • WimstradamusWimstradamus Member
    edited October 2016
    Was on my mobile so could edit correctly.
    But to clarify: as a basic device Homey adds 1 sensor switch, which reacts to input 1 of the Binary sensor.
  • casedacaseda Member
    edited October 2016
    yeah, i knew what you meant, but still it is odd that i didn't get any signals from the sensor after adding the basic driver, hoped the next homey update would fix that (there are coming some possible fixes towards this)

    i am still trying to reverse engineer the inputs if its possible to have a small voltage on the inputs and trigger on that, but its SO compacted together with a lot of (hidden) trough board holes, glad i didn't have to design this.
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