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Wakeup light

Is it possible for someone to make a wakeup light app? An app where you could choose (in a flow) a light source, starting brightnes, ending brightnes, speed and color (maybe start color and end color?).

I don't know if more people feel the need for this?



  • Hi, 

    From a developer's point of view, this would be possible, but only for a single bulb (i.e. for Hue or LIFX, but not for both lights).
    Therefore I'd suggest to do it 'homemade', and make 3-4 flows, each at a certain time (i.e. 8:10, 8:15, 8:20 and 8:25), and set your bulb to a certain colour/intensity.
  • I still use IFTT for sunrise alarm with my LIFX bulb. Homey doesn't really offer a lot of options at the moment.

    Also created an issue which is related to this:
    With this it should be possible for different types of bulbs.
  • Erwin1Erwin1 Member
    edited September 2016

    Guys, isn't this possible with the use of the app 'Better Logic' and it's variables and the app Countdown with it's timer? Something like this:

    Flow 1: (to start the WakeUp event)
    Trigger: 'alarm goes of' or 'time is 07:00'
    THEN set DimmerAmount to 5
    AND switch on light at $DimmerAmount$
    AND set 10SecTimer

    Flow 2: (to increase the dimming amount eventually to 100%, this Flow is repeatedly triggered by setting the 10SecTimer again and again until DimmerAmount > 100)
    Trigger: 10SecTimer goes of
    AND DimmerAmount > 0
    AND DimmerAmount  < 101
    THEN add 5 to DimmerAmount
    AND dim light at $DimmerAmount$
    AND set 10SecTimer

    Flow 3: (to switch of the light and reset the variables)
    Trigger: DimmerAmount > 100
    THEN set DimmerAmount to 0
    AND switch off light

    Just found out that at least the KAKU dimmer ACD-200 (used for quickly testing the above) doesn't support setting the dimming value to a value using a variable. You can only set the value using a slider... If this slider is adjusted to a value, then the above could work.
    I don't have any Z-Wave devices yet, so don't know if those also work with a slider...

  • @Erwin1 : About your edit, that is true, Athom has mentioned that they are working on an improved flow-editor which enables the use of variables in intensity sliders (and others).

    It's also possible to make 20-ish more flows with 'If variable changed and is between 5 and 10, set intensity to 10', but that's very cumbersome.
  • @KoenMartens I agree that creating a multitude (more then 10 or even 20) of flows is not the way to go. But with the possibility to set a value (and thus use a variable) instead of a slider, you only have to create 2 or 3 flows for a WakeUp light, so that's pretty easy.

    Another option is that an app is created to give the possibility to use a loop in a flow (along with a 'wait' function), this way you would only need one flow:

    Flow 1: (dim the light from 0% to 100% in 30 minutes, keep the light on for 30 minutes, then switch the light off)
    Trigger event: Time is 07:00
    Then set DimmerAmount to 5 
    AND switch on light at $DimmerAmount$
    AND start LOOP until DimmerAmount > 100 (loop will run 100 times because of adding 1 to the DimmerAmount each loop)
       add 1 to DimmerAmount 
       dim light at $DimmerAmount$
       wait 18 seconds (18 seconds times 100 = 1800 seconds = 30 minutes)
    End Loop
    AND set DimmerAmount to 0
    AND wait 30 minutes
    AND switch off light

  • Hmmm, did not think it would be that difficult. Thought it would be easy for you guys  ;)

    With multiple flows it becomes a mess soon and there is no way to copy flows so it will take some time to do it. And if you make a mistake you have to go in each and every flow to correct your mistake.

    I have already made one with a couple of flows but I have the added problem that when my light goos on it rembers its last state, so it is bright and a different color. You first have to put the light on in a flow before you can change the color and brightness.

  • @Aaron ; What kind of light or switch are you using? Z-Wave, Hue, KAKU or something else?
  • I have Milight rgb bulp and z-wave (rgb led strip fibaro). I am now using the ledstip as a wakeup light with some lua in my HC2. When homey is stable enough I hope to switch entirely.

  • I know Hue has a direct http call for it. Fibaro don't?
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