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Voting System For New Features

Dear Athom,

Would it be possible to create a site where we as beta consumers can submit and vote for new features? There are a lot of them in this section of the forum, but it's hard to tell how popular they are and whether or not they're under consideration.

Bit like github, but without the bugs.



  • Something like that, but with the possibility to add my own feature requests - on the current Trello site that doesn't seem to be possible, is it?
  • Been discussed before:

    I'm afraid the solution from @Athom was to add the +1 button but this is not really helpfull as it lacks any insight. Perhaps @Annemarie can tells us if there are any plans for a better feature request system. Would be great to even integrate it with a system where developers can get bounties when picking up a much requested feature.
  • I'll gladly send food for sure. For a proper system log, lobster & champagne.
  • Hi Martijn, Thanks for the suggestion. The forum is the best place to add apps that you want to be build. the community as well as the athom team will read this and can consider building it. 

    Trello is indeed also a place where you can see what we consider and are building. By +1 you can show your enthusiasm for an app.
  • My question isn't so much about apps but feature requests for Homey itself.

    The forum is indeed a place where those requests can be made, but I don't feel it's the best. For example, how do I extract a quick list of features that have already been requested by other people? How would I (and you!) find out what the most requested feature is? These things would be handy to know, if anything to avoid requesting duplicate features. Trello won't let me submit much :smile: 

    Have a look at for an example. It's used by various big companies to handle user feedback.
  • @MartijnDeRhoter ;
    Sounds like a open door to me ;)
  • +1

  • AnnemarieAnnemarie Member
    edited September 2016
    @MartijnDeRhoter Thanks, for your suggestions and I will look in to this!

    I see your problem but we keep a good eye on the community so we know what is going on. We try to keep it simple and realistic at this stage. 

    For now you can easily send us a mail when you want to add something to the trello. 
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