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Roller Shutter 2 not pairing

with firmware 09.3 and the finaro app my roller shutter 2 is not pairing, did the receive mode on homey and pressed 3x B button with multiple tries and my roller shutter 2 does not pair while it did with firmware version 0.89.

is the roller shutter 2 not yet supported?


    It was added three days ago...
  • That is just one version (v2.2 - v2.4) though,
    if you have the newer 2.5 version (FGR-222) you will need to wait for my pull request or install it manually from github
  • I have the FGR-222 roller shutter, how can i do this now?
    or do i need to wait for a new updated Fibaro App?
  • MarcoFMarcoF Member
    edited September 2016
    SdR said:
    I have the FGR-222 roller shutter, how can i do this now?
    or do i need to wait for a new updated Fibaro App?
    waiting on the new app in the app-store is the best way to go ;)

    I expect a new app approval round monday :)
  • That would be great. Will it appear as a 1-0-1 switch?  Keep up the good work guys and thanks for the effort you put in to supporting the Fibaro Roller Shutter. 
  • I just tried to pair my new Fibaro FGR-222 roller shutter 2, but it is not recognized as a Fibaro device. Instead, is was added as a basic z-wave device. Did I do something wrong or is the update not yet accepted?
  • @JaapPelt
    It almost seems like you don't read even the threat your posting in.

    but this is what is says in short:
    the FGR-222 isn't supported yet by the one in the app store, you will need my pull request or wait until it has been accepted
  • @caseda MarcoF wrote "I expect a new app approval round monday" on the 3rd. I was hoping he would mean the 5th. That's why I ended with the question about the update being accepted or not. 
    Since I was having some trouble getting the device in learning mode, I though there as a big change I was doing something wrong myself. 
  • casedacaseda Member
    edited September 2016
    @JaapPelt ;
    Well that is exactly why the "Readme"/Description file is included and updated in the app store :smile: 
    So you can exactly see what is supported, and what isn't

    And with athom, never assume anything when they/other people are talking about dates, they/we always try, but it never happens, always later
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