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Make it possible to change owner email

Hope I am not missing something obvious here. Is there a way to change owner email for my Homey? I've been looking but can't seem to find a way. Creating a new Athom account and move my Homey to that account does not work either, it only gives the option to buy a new Homey and I don't need two at the moment :smile: 



  • Have had the same question but due to security reasons athom doesn't allow this so you have to wipe your homey and start all over again
  • mruitermruiter Member
    edited September 2016
    guess it's nothing security related but sloppiness.  changing mail adres has nothing to do with security. people change more mail adresses then houses in 2016. it's also not possible to delete a homey from your account or to delete your account.  these to are security features and they don't have it.
    And lets not forget that by law in nl every Web portal shop etc etc should have a change password and delete account option since some time already 

    maybee someday they get the time to implement these basic features . util then they are breaking the law basicly 
  • Hi there, 

    Is there still no way to change the email of the owner? 
    Hope to hear from you! 

  • lubbertkramerlubbertkramer Member
    edited October 2017
    The forum is not the place to request these kind of things, you need to open a issue at the Github of Athom. Athom uses github for bugs/feature requests or email
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