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[Solved] Connecting to Homey over USB in Windows / Developing over USB

mtudormtudor Member
edited May 2017 in Archive
Hi all,

In v 0.8.36, the following was noted:
  • Added an option to enable USB mode for developers using Windows
Is there something I need to do to enable this?  I've connected over USB but the athom command line (athom homey --list-local) does not find my Homey.  It is found over WiFi (athom homey --list).  Device manager shows a "CDC ECM" device with a yellow exclamation.  I understand that this is an "ethernet over usb" device but it seems I might need a driver.  Could someone point me in the right direction please?

I'm on Windows 10 x64.




  • lubbertkramerlubbertkramer Member
    edited August 2016
    Here you need to start to connect Homey with your pc ->

    You need to install the Athom tools for it with:
    npm install -g athom-cli
  • mtudormtudor Member
    edited August 2016
    Thanks for the response @lubbertkramer - I have actually already been developing with Homey over WiFi.  It is *specifically* connecting over USB that I am trying to achieve now.

    Although the startup page says:

    >> If you connect Homey to your computer using USB, and a Homey Development network interface appears, the communication will happen over this USB connection. Windows support for USB will be added later.

    The release notes for 0.8.36 seems to suggest that Windows support _is_ available?
  • mtudormtudor Member
    edited August 2016
    Right, I spoke to @JeroenVollenbrock on slack and he's sorted me out with USB on Windows.  Essentially, you need to flip a radio button in Settings > Developers relating to "USB Connectivity" from "Mac OS X & Linux" to "Windows".  Note that the Developers tab is only visible after you have installed your first app using the athom-cli so the steps are:

    1. Install an app using the athom-cli over WiFi.
    2. Go to Settings > Developers and flip the "USB Connectivity" radio buttom to "Windows".
    3. Restart Homey

    No drivers are required.

    The app install time for my simple app is as follows:
      - WiFi: 13.8 - 14.4 seconds
      - USB: 10.2 - 11.2 seconds

    Now I just need to figure out what to use my extra 2.6 - 4.2 seconds for! ;-)
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