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Watering the garden?

It's simple to tell the sunscreens to go up, because Buienradar is telling us that it is going to rain in 10 minutes.
But, what when I want to automate the watering of the garden? 
For example: It is dry and sunny and hot for 4 days: so turn on sprinklers...
Anyone an idea?


  • PeaoPeao Member
    For this attempt you need the countdown app
    1. Flow:
    When Buien Radar It starts raining -> Countdown Start Timer: Rain for 345600 seconds (4days)
    2. Flow:
    When Countdown Rain reaches 0 -> Turn Sprinklers on.
  • YannickYannick Member
    edited August 2016
    Woud be cool if we would now how much it rained so you can tell how long to turn on the sprinklers. I asked @RobinVanKekem who developed the Weather underground app if he could add that data but unfortunately he was too busy.
    But maybe we could extend this smart countdown trick to account for mm's rain fallen?
  • Do you have a netatmo? It has a rain meter? Maybe some data is Public (via an API?)
  • No, no netatmo.
    But is there a possibility to use a humidity sensor which I can 'stab' in the ground?
  • Mysensors.... :p
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