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I'm trying to get Strips to work through the Notification command class (V4), which it uses by default. No matter what I try, Homey doesn't send my driver any reports.

I've searched in the reported issues and there is a comment there from quite some time ago that not all functions of the Notification command class are implemented. Could this still be the case?

According to the manufacturer, Strips uses the "Access Control" notification type, and events 16 and 17.
I'm using Emile's zwave-driver npm package and this is what the relevant part of the driver looks like:

    capabilities: {
      'alarm_contact': {
            'command_class'             : 'COMMAND_CLASS_NOTIFICATION',
            'command_get'               : 'NOTIFICATION_GET',
            'command_get_parser'        : function() {
             return {
                 'V1 Alarm Type': 0,
                 'Notification Type': 'Access Control',
                 'Event': 16
            'command_report'            : 'NOTIFICATION_REPORT',
            'command_report_parser'     : function(report) {
                return true;
   // [...]

I've tried dozens of variants to this, but nothing at all comes in. I've (temporarily) modified the ZwaveDriver.js to dump some additional information, but that's not helping so far either. It seems that whatever is being sent by the device is ignored by Homey somehow.

Interestingly enough, the negotiation between the devices went wrong a couple of times, which resulted in Homey thinking V1 of COMMAND_CLASS_ALARM was being used. Then I actually saw some events.

Any idea what gives?


  • Try 
    'command_get_parser'        : function( value ) {
  • ThorarinThorarin Member
    edited August 2016
    Webster said:
    'command_get_parser'        : function( value ) {
    That function doesn't accept any values. It's not really a parser as far as I can tell, more like a request builder.
    The actual data is supposed to come with the report function :)
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