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problem with some hardware, do i need a new app or is this fixable now?

tunftunf Member
Hi all,
Trying to at my pro max on/off switches (from Formido) type pro max 433.92 mHZ and has 2 switches on back to set channel. rsl366R by rising sun. any help is welcome.

Also trying to include my tkbhome model TZ67G, is being found but then i cannot be identified so it is useless now. Any help is welcome

Trying to get my lidl doorbell (silvercrest ian273554 modell z31370A-RX to work with homey but no luck,

Isn't it simpler to set a scan on the 433 range and if a button is pressed (signal send) it is picked up by homey and then can be added as type xyz device (on /off , dimmer, doorbell sender, doorbel receiver), this saves a lot of apps and brands.

Any help as mentioned before is more then welcome. I'm not smart enough to create an app but if needed, is there someone who can do this?


  • Fire69Fire69 Member
    You seem to forget that lots of 433mhz signals are coded. 
    If it were that simple I think Athom would have thought of that themselves.  ;)
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