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homey not reachable

I have my homey now,latest shipment and it is fun,but maybe it happened to somebody else,i do not know
today i can login to my homey,so it is reachable,i can ping it,no problem
if i try to install an app,it is saying homey is not reachable
i did a reboot and i can install apps again,firmware 08.39
no big deal but worth to mention it and is this happened to anyone of you
greating from Ronnie,Zoetermeer


  • swtttswttt Member
    Its running stable lately here, but crashes still occur. Read somewhere (i think it was the weekly summary post or on slack) that some libraries they used had some bugs that caused some crashes. (i think it was the z-wave lib) They postponed the new firmware release for another week to test their (newly self written) own libs.

    I can't complain about the crashes, a power cycle just works. As long as they do fix it in future releases tho :smile: 

  • I've got the problem that i cant connect to Homey outside my wifi. :S
  • Did you try it with the app or the browser?

  • mbalik79 said:
    Did you try it with the app or the browser?

    With the app
  • With the app I have also problems, but with chrome and then go to it works outside the network 
  • CassieCassie Member
    Logout and login in the app solved my problem
  • Logout and Login doesn't fix the problem for me :S 

    Login with chrome on my mobile will work! Only working by the app would be nicer and should give more functions.
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