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Candy - Productivity app

MatjaLipuMatjaLipu Member
edited July 2017 in Apps
Here is an app that adds some productivity candies.

  • Homey started
  • Cloud connected
  • Check when has run
  • Reboot Homey
  • Restart Microcontroller
  • Enable/disable all flows in folder action
App store
Github source:

Feel free to discuss improvements, which can boost Homey productivity. Also accepting pull requests!

It you like this app, consider donating by PayPal or via Bitcoin address 1CsnykfypeoemhhUXcr28EbHjv5DViAZfm



  • djeskodjesko Member
    edited June 2016
    sound like a good app , but it did crash direct after install ...did i miss a config ? 

  • sorry. added missing dependency. please try again.
  • djeskodjesko Member
    All good , thanks
  • RonaldRonald Member
    Did not installed yet
    but man your quickly 
  • Is something like a virtual device an idea for this app?
    The data would be updated either through HTTP get app, a variable or by the use of the API of Homey.

    I'm my  case i can control devices of Domoticz
  • RonaldRonald Member
    installed and made test flow
    Works like a charm.
  • Ronald, glad you find it useful!

    Robin, there are already existing apps where you can use http or variables.
    For HTTP
    For variables use built-in or
    And then you can create flows with triggers and actions. Is that what you want?
  • No, I'd like to have virtual devices which I can use for Insights and control Domoticz with.
  • mbalik79mbalik79 Member
    edited June 2016
    So If I understand I can use this app to disable flows if I am on a holiday..etc (not all the light-flows has to run when I Am on vacation)
  • Support for disabling individual flows is already available in Homey. This action does disable all flows in specific folder.
  • A ok..thanks for the quick response
  • mbalik79mbalik79 Member
    edited August 2016

    I was playing with you're app, but notised that if there are subfolders in a specific folder these are not enabled/disabled. Could it be possible to change this?
     I have one mainfolder (for each zone)and in that folder I have different other folders. I would like to disable the main folder, so everything in the folders below also be disabled.
  • 0.2.0 adds ability to enable/disable flows in subfolders (pending app store approval).
  • Great! Thanks..
  • 0.3.0 adds support for 
    • Homey started trigger
    • Cloud connected condition
    • Check when has run condition
    Published in app store.

    Credits go to @ErikVanDongen . Thank you!
  • thanks for the update!
  • 0.4.0 adds reboot action.

    You could do this (PLEASE DO NOT!!)

    But this flow is pretty useful

    It you like this app, consider donating by PayPal or Bitcoin

  • MatjaLipu said:
    0.4.0 adds reboot action.

    You could do this (PLEASE DO NOT!!)

    The boot ring of death :naughty: 
  • Stil not approved by Athom :(
  • Stil not approved by Athom :(
    Then do a manual install.
  • MatjaLipu said:
    0.4.0 adds reboot action.

    You could do this (PLEASE DO NOT!!)

    @MatjaLipu ;

    I am nominating myself for the Homey-Darwin award, because by mistake, I made this flow and pressed 'Test'. I have to say: an efficient flow ;-(

    Any suggestions how to get out of this loop ?  What I tried: 

    - Fast webpage F5-ing to get into Homey and disable the flow
    - Download Github code, adjust reboot sequence (to an illegal API call) and try to get it installed before reboot starts.

    No luck so far. Any ideas?

  • Nomination accepted. :(

    Currently I can think of only factory resetting Homey by turning it upside down.
  •  :D 
    Reset your homey?
    It would be very handy if the reboot action would only work after a uptime of at least enough time to get to the flows page and delete one, to prevent others from trying to steal your trophy :D
  • You can try send the PUT command for disabling the app 'a lot of times' during boot with postman:

    Authorization = Bearer <token>
    Body: {enabled: false}
  • Great suggestion Danee. Added in 0.4.1.
    Erik, worth a shot. (Y)
  • I've of-course not set that action, but I did the reboot action when the cloud is disconnected.
    But ....

    Nope I solved the issue in my mind while I was typing this message.
    I needed to know when the Homey was rebooted (Telegram). And that can be done by the "Homey Initiated" Action.

    Great tool MatjeLipu

  • Added Restart Microcontroller action in 0.5.0.
  • JonJon Member
    edited September 2016
    Looks like quite a usefull app.
    But so faor the '(No) connection to the cloud' card does not work. I am pretty sure my Homey is connected to cloud (because I can reach Homey from outside my network). Yet, testing the flow below yields a 'positive' for 'no connection the the cloud'. Any idea why @MatjaLipu ?

    (and yes: i am aware that if Homey is 'really' not connected to the cloud, it most probably also can't send me a push message, since it needs its connection the the Athom cloud, right?)
  • Probably homey initiated is triggered moments before Homey connects to cloud. We could add some delay if uptime is less than some time. What do you think?
  • Unfortunantly the 'cloud_connected' information is removed from the geek data since version 0.10.x. 
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