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Fibaro Roller shutter error?

I have created a flow to roll my sumscreen for 50%, but instead of doing so it is rolling it out for 100% en then rolls it back in because it is continueing the rollout after 100%.

how come so?


  • casedacaseda Member
    edited June 2016
    did you calibrate the roller shutter?

    Calibration through Menu (B-button):
    1. Make sure the module is connected to the power supply, according to Fig.1
    2. Include the module into the Z-Wave network, according to section III of instructions.
    3. Press and hold the B-button for ca. 6 seconds.
    4. LED will glow blue.
    5. Release the B-button and press it again, briefly.
    6. Roller Shutter performs the calibration process, completing full cycle - up, down and up again.
  •  That did the trick :)


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