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[CALL] Please share your flows and webhooks to inspire/teach others

Hi Athomers,

Just received my Homey, and experimenting a lot with setting up flows and devising webhooks.

I realized that I learn a lot from other users who share their (screenshot) flows and explaining how they setup theirs and incorporate webhooks to do simple or complicated tasks or make them smart and logical.

I would like to ask other users to share/explain their flows/details, such that all users can learn and benefit from getting the most out of their Homey and home-automation.

Thanks a lot for sharing and building this community.
And I will snapshot my flows and post them here later.

I realize that there is work in progress to allow sharing of flows (this feature was requested and scheduled as work in progress),


that sharing of workflows has been requested by other users (such as SdR):

but still I feel that reading about other users'flows gets me the most out of my Homey.

one of the threads that I loved was Phuturists use of Tasker :
Keep up the flow!


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