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Need some help

I have some simple flows now, that works great.
Hue, Onkio, klikaanklikuit etc
Now i want to go deeper!

The flow i would make is:
When i raze the Nefit room temp and the target temp is 5 degrees higher thar the multisensor room temp, the fans under the living room heater has to go on until the room temp of the multisensor has raized by 4 degrees. The fans are switched on by a klikaanklikuit wall socket.

How can i make this, prefferd in one flow



  • JPeJPe Member
    first of all, its to simple to ask for a solution without trying it yourself,
    second, you cannot switch ON and switch OFF in one flow,
    first make a flow to switch ON, test it and improve it, (it mostly doesn't work the first time...)
    than make a flow to switch OFF, experiment with this until it functions as you had in mind,
    thats the fun of a system like Homey, good luck and have fun
    and enjoy the feeling when you have made it yourself.
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