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Motion Sensor with Harmony Hub

Hello together, i have a Smartwares Motion Sensor and i want to switch my bed tv on when i go to the Bed with the Harmony Hub. The flow works but now aks homey me every time when motion detected to switch on the tv. how can i Kill the motion sensor to the next evening (Different times)?thats my pitty flow for now


  • Your Flow: "AskBedRoomMotionTVOnce" as above
    2nd card in Then: Disable (This Flow)
    3rd card in Then: Countdown Timer "AskBedRoomMotionTVOn" for one hour 
    If you say No the first time at 20:01 it will ask again is motion is detected later until 20u50

    2nd flow: "EnableAskBedRoomMotionTVOnce" 
    When CoundDown Timer "AskBedRoomMotionTVOn" reaches 0
    Then Enable Flow "AskBedRoomMotionTVOnce"
    (This one will trigger one hour after the first time you acknowledge you want the TV on)

  • brot84brot84 Member
    edited May 2016
    @GeurtDijker  Many thanks for your help. Now i have to wait to evening:) Have a good evening:)
  • PandaPanda Member
    I use better logic app to change a variable.

    Flow 1

    Flow 2

    Use another flow to reset your Home variable to false.
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