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[APP] Philips Hue (lights, motion, tap and dimmer switch)

JorisJoris Member
edited October 2017 in Apps
Hi is there any chance to spend time on enabling support for the Hue Dimmer and Tab remotes devices in the Hue app? Both devices are not supported which means I have to use different remotes for non HUE (non bulb fitting supported) lights and cannot link additional actions to the buttons either.  
Would be eternally great full as I just bought a whole hue set thinking I could use them with Homey.
I am now having to explain to the wife why I need two remotes to turn on the lights in the living room and why it's still a smart home :)   


  • casedacaseda Member
    @Joris ;
    it will take a while before this will be implemented, not until the Zigbee protocol "Light Link" is implemented, atleast for the dimmers, the tap uses a different protocol that is not on the timeline yet to be implemented.

    you can use your hue bulbs as trigger for the time being to switch any other light, there will be a max delay of 30 seconds though (this is the polling time homey uses)

  • JorisJoris Member
    edited May 2016
    Ah thanks that's a shame, I will use the Home Easy remote until then as the actions are directly executed. Is the zigbee light link an important improvement for Athom or is it 'at the bottom of the pile' ? Else I'll sell the Dimmer again. 
    I want to tryt flow coupling you mention above but icm dimming and 433mhz plugs it seems recipe for confusion      
    I like the Dimmer switch because it mimics a wall switch and you can place it over a wallswitch socket. 
  • casedacaseda Member
    i think Zigbee is third in line, first Bluetooth LE, then InfraRed then Zigbee, but don't quote me on that.
    just a expectation i thought of looking at what the developer that is going to work on this said yesterday or the day before.
    Zigbee not that really high in line because Philips Hue does work, just not the switches directly.
  • JorisJoris Member
    Makes sense and on both cases agree on the prio's :)   good reason for me to replace that ugly old lamp in the corner anyways haha
  • JorisJoris Member
    edited May 2016
    Damn the flow you suggested doesn't work  It works when I enable the light via Homey card or flow.  But not when I use the remote.  

    Update: Homey v0.8.34 solved this! 
  • @hnijveen: what version off the Hue app are you using?
  • Latest on github. Just tested it and it is working great - also with Philips dimmer.
  • I got several dimmers, a switch tap and a motion sensor.
    I'll try the new app when my Homey is back from Athom. I had to sent it back because of a z-wave problem.
  • Yup, I pushed Emile, he did a good job on this.
  • The new version rocks! I love how you can now import more devices without having to press the button on the Hue station. That was really annoying and a flaw in the system ;)

    I now turn on the heat with Nest if I press the first button on the Hue tap in my living room. I love it! <3
  • Release the app!
  • Yeah release it!
  • I have installed the app a while ago before it supported the dimmers.
    Not I see that is supports the dimmers. How do I get the dimmers added? I already have light bulbs in flows, so I wouldn't like to remove the hub in order to reinstall them all.
    Can I just add additional devices to the hub? and if yes, how?
  • The dimmers are already added to your bridge?
    Then you just need to add a new device in Homey, select Hue -> Dimmer -> your bridge.
    They will be listed to select and add them.
  • undergroundunderground Member
    edited November 2016
    Yes, they are already added to the bridge (all 3 of them)
    OK, I will give it a try. Thanks for the quick answer!
  • Got it!
  • Hi !
    Can anyone tell me if I must have a Hue bridge to get my Hue dimmer connected to Homey ?
    Is it not possible to connect directly ?
  • henrm said:
    Hi !
    Can anyone tell me if I must have a Hue bridge to get my Hue dimmer connected to Homey ?
    Is it not possible to connect directly ?
    A developer here is making an app for using Hue directly to Homey now Zigbee is active but the app store app uses the bridge as stated in the description

    Philips Hue for Homey

    This app adds support for all Philips Hue lights that work with the Philips Hue Bridge.

  • Well thanks, perhaps I should read the description next time  !
  • edited October 2017
    Am I the only one who has a delay with HUE? Since I press my HUE dimmer switch to my bulbs turns on, there goes approx. 3 seconds?

    Moved to Philips Hue topic

  • Am I the only one who has a delay with HUE?
    Since I press my HUE dimmer switch to my bulbs turns on, there goes approx. 3 seconds?
    When using the Philips Hue app with the bridge there is a delay because of the connection that is made and it's working by polling. Now the zigbee chip is activated you could pair your devices directly to your Homey but that app is not yet public but can be found on github made by a community developer
  • henrymcleanhenrymclean Member
    edited March 2018
    EDIT: Rebooted the app and it worked sorry ignore below!

    Sorry to dig up an old thread but trying to add a Hue motion sensor and its not working. 

    Add a device > Philips Hue > Motion Sensor > Select Bridge > "No new devices found"

    The sensor is working on the Hue network and connected to the bridge. 

    Any ideas? Thanks! 

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