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Google Chirp

A product team at Google is working on a hardware device that would integrate Google's search and voice assistant technology:


  • jordenjorden Member
    edited May 2016
    I just saw that too. Actually, the onHub is already a 'v1.0' of this. It is a router that already supports IFTTT. And can see devices present on the network, and 'trigger' on that.

    From my point of view, this (together with Amazon Echo, which seems to have sold over 3 million times already) will mean that in the future more and more devices will make sure their protocol is supported by Echo and 'Chirp'. Which means that Homey will also support it. Which means that, although it's competition, it's also good for Homey.
  • I did some research and it seems that Google Weave (an communication protocol) is open.
    Apple's Homekit, for instance, you have to use certified hardware for communication. Since Homey doesn't have this hardware Homekit is never going to work. At least, not with the current hardware version of Homey.
  • Not entirely true:

    The example requires a Raspberry Pi, but it is written in nodejs so could be used on other platforms.....

  • jordenjorden Member
    edited May 2016
    @DaneeDeKruyff if I understand correctly, it's actually an iphone app that does the 'conversion'.
    I think it is the homebridge after all. Seems there are more projects available like
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