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Wild idea for Kickstarter project?

Personally, I think it would be great if there was something like a wake-up light meets DAB+ radio meets Homey.

* The Wake-up light bit is clear enough I guess
* There are versions with FM radio, but not yet DAB+ (afaik). Internet radio might be a viable alternative to this though?
* Using the alarm as a trigger for Homey or (optionally) even other systems would be really nice
* Even better if the device could also function as a satellite Homey, with its own microphone. It already would have a speaker.

The communication could be over WiFi with the main Homey. To make it a viable product even for people who do not yet have a Homey, you could consider supporting Z-Wave for triggering scenes. If the product is tied to Homey specifically, perhaps more could be delegated to the Homey however, reducing cost price.

I think it would be the ideal companion device for my bedroom. Thoughts?  :p


  • I would actually prefer, and think it is more likely to happen, if someone picks something like this up as a hobby project (what you described here could in theory be easily done with an arduino, ethernet cable, some LEDs, a speaker, and some 3D-printed objects), and made it open-source to the community.

    The biggest part of the Homey community are tinkers, geeks, and DIY-people. They could 1) design and make something like this functional and 2) reproduce it if instructions are posted.

    Mostly however, I think that a capitalist-endeavour for this is very unlikely for now, and even for in a few years. Your target audience would be Homey-customers that are so unsatisfied with their current alarm setup that they would give 50-80 euro's (rough estimate) to fix it. That's not an awful lot of people.

    I really like idea's like this though. I agree that this would be great for my morning routine as well.
  • I agree about it being too niche, but I can hope, can't I? :smile:

    Unfortunately I doubt I can find the time for such a hobby project. It's been years since I've done any serious tinkering with hardware. Ah well...
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