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first "random day" of the month

id like a first "monday" of the month option in a flow, i think i cant create this right now.

every first monday of the month the "oud papier" gets picked-up, id like to get remembered through a push notification.
thats all.


  • at the moment you could do it, with 7 flows:

    And change the "Dagnummer"/"Daynumber"
    To 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 & 7

    Little bit cumbersome but i guess it works

    But i guess it wouldn't be too hard for athom to add another "First of the month" card
  • lol, ya i didnt want to create 7 flows for 1 reminder, but i guess this will do for now :D
  • As because of holidays etc the dates may change (ie. in May on tuesday) I would just create 12 flows with the dates...
  • Don't they have an .ics available? You can import that in gmail/outlook/... and use the calendar app. That's how I'm doing it  :)
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