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KPN Mediabox

Hi All,

Is there a way to connect the KPN Mediabox (motorola vip 1963) perhaps via the KPN iTV Online app?


  • RonnORonnO Member
    Same question goes for the KPN Mediabox Motorola VIP 1853
  • App for setopbox is created by Athom. Will this also work for the new 4K setopboxes?
  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    We have to wait for FW1.5 to see :)
  • As mentioned there is an BETA KPN mediabox app in the store, should work with motorola boxes by IR but firmware > 1.5 is needed for it. Wanted to test it last night but the app had some problems, at this moment its fixed by Athom so will test it this weekend. When your mediabox (or tv for the other BETA IR apps) is missing it can be expanded by the community or Athom. Don't expect Athom to support all devices, too much work and would take too much time that could be used to work at the core of Homey and the working of the hardware :) 
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