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Linkio (right now on Kickstarter!)

Hey Creators, Backers and other Homey enthusiasts!

Only 3 days before the campaign ends (discovered it a bit late...) but I've found a project that looks pretty interesting!

It's also compatible with Z-wave, Zigbee and 433/860 MHz devices so it'll probably works just fine with Homey. Maybe a good way to extend IR in other rooms for example.


  • it looks nive but from what i understand is that they use a 2.4ghz frequency and the modules connect to Le Hub. Le Hub can alsp be used to connect z-wave and zigbee modules..... so i do not think that the linkio modules can be controlled by homey... i do like their 'le switch'
  • Wrote linkio a message... their response:
    Linkio says:
    Hi Menno,
    our hub is compatible with z-wave and could probably be a slave mode to Homey which is a great project BTW !
    The hardware is already compatible but we need to work on the software to be compatible with other boxes (included Homey) that would extend the potential of both boxes. typically Homey does the control voice and Linkio the translation to the modules !
    That would be actually a great deal...
  • Thanks for that Menno.

    Maybe a good idea that Homey and Linkio get in touch :)
  • Hi Guys,

    Thanks for pointing out this project. It seems that Linkio uses their own RF protocol. I don't know on which technology (could be either Zigbee, Z-wave or 433/868 as their hub supports those), but either one is compatible with Homey. When their project nears completion (it is due in the end of 2015), I will get in touch with them to see if we can directly control their accessories (which look like a really good deal compared to other offerings), or can control their system via the hub.
  • Try to make Homey compatible with the devices itself and not through "hubs".
    One of the reason for buying Homey is that i can lose some "hubs" for example the Philips HUE.

    The more "hubs", the more;
    - possible weak points(devices that can fail),
    - the more power usage,
    - the more 230v sockets with cables, power supply, etc i need
    - most of them need an internet connection and the means an ethernet plug in my ehternet Switch
    - etc. etc.

  • Hi Marco,

    We totally agree. We hope to reach compatibility without the hub, but it seems like they have a proprietary protocol, so it might take some time ;)
  • [Off topic] What, is Stefan talking technical stuff? :). Is Emile sick or something [/Off topic]
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