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KlikAanKlikUit PIR-2050

How can i connect this pir?
I cant get it into homey.
It is the one with the code weel.


  • As you can see the PIR-2050 isn't supported (yet) by the KlikAanKlikUit App.

    Think you should ask the developer of this App.
  • Thx!
  • cautjecautje Member
    This pir still does not work in .34 homey does not see it.
    Anny tips to get IT work?
  • Did anyone get the old KAKU PIR-2050 working. Just found one laying around here. Tried pairing it as a KAKU PIR-2150 but cant seem to get it to work.
  • Because of the problems with the remotes I don't even think to take my APIR-2150 out of the box again.
    That would be no doubt wasting time. Waiting first of the working of the night-sensor would be improved to normal.
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