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automatic off afther 10 minutes

cautjecautje Member
edited April 2016 in Questions & Help
Is it possible to automachical let kaku switches go off afher say 10 minutes?

off.PNG 23.5K


  • You can add another card in the "then" column where you put the "on" command, but with the "off" command and at a delay (right-top side of the card, the little clock)
  • THX!!!
  • aloftaloft Member
    edited April 2016
    @cautje ;
    Depending on  the use case, you might consider using the CountDown app ( available if you're running firmware 0.8.30 or higher).  If you're trigger to turn on/off the Kaku switches is based on a trigger that can happen again in those 10 minutes (e.g. motion), just using the off command with a delay, will not work. E.g. smile 

    Motion is detected and you turn on the kaku and set to turn off after 10 minutes
    After 5 minutes motion is detected, again the Kaku is turned on ( but is already on, so no change).
    After again 5 minutes, the kaku will switch off (based on the first trigger)

    If you want this not to happen, you could use the countDown app. 

    Then you have two flows:

    Flow 1: Motion detected (or whatever trigger ou use)  -> Turn on Kaku and Start countdown timer for 600 seconds
    Flow 2: When countdown timer is 0 -> Turn of Kaku.

    In this case, when after 5 minutes there is again motion, the countdown timer is set again to 600 seconds. 

    Let me know if this helps. 

    (disclaimer: I wrote the CountDown app, so my preference might be biased. On the other hand: I wrote it to solve the problem I state : the 'turn off at 10 minutes' in an action-card is very static; it cannot be cancelled.)
  • Great, that is indeed what i was looking for! I will try this. The only is that i cant add the klikaanklik uit Pir, it does not show up in homey. Thx! ( IT is the one with the code Weel switch)
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