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Homey.manager('flow').on('condition. never called

Building an app for Weather Underground. 
My Homey.manager('flow').on('condition. is never called?

Any prerequisite before it's being called?

Code snippet:
Homey.manager('flow').on('condition.temp_above', function(callback, args){
// only continue when above a specific threshold
Homey.log("temp above");
Homey.log("temp: " + temp_c_int);
Homey.log("value: " + args.value);
var should_proceed = (temp_c_int > args.value);
callback(null, should_proceed); // err, result


  • Perhaps a bit more code (github link?) would be helpful 
  • RobinVanKekemRobinVanKekem Member
    edited April 2016
    Thanks for the offer!

    Figured it out, stupid me: I have to fire the triggers myself, duh!

    The below code will fire both conditions as triggers.
    Homey.manager('flow').trigger('temp_above', tokens);
    Homey.manager('flow').trigger('temp_below', tokens);
  • That was my guess, but could only say that with certainty when seeing the rest of your code.... Happy Coding ;)
  • All done, will publish my app soon.
    Although I don't have any experience outside Android Studio for Android development it looks like Athom did a really nice and stable development environment.

    Only wish the error messages sometimes are a bit low on info.
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