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Setup directly to upgrading screen

HI all, 

today I finally received my Homey :smiley: 

Only thing is, when I follow the procedure and go to and connect to the AP from Homey the screen directly jumps to the "Upgrading" screen. No way to set the WiFi.

What should be the IP of the Homey because, if I do an IP scan over the full range 10.199.198.x (which is the ip range I get from Homey) only 1 device shows up (my laptop)


  • This was the same with me just wait and it will go to the wifi setup screen.
  • Yup, same here.
  • SteefphSteefph Member
    edited April 2016
    But if I wait a long time it gives a failed message on the upgrade. Did this also happen?

    Edit: Ok weird, now it seems like I can continue. (Should have started this thread sooner :wink: )
  • No, it didn't.

    Great it's working for you!
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