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D-Link Z-Wave Door/Window-Sensor for 26,96€

Hey, I just found that "Tschibo" (in germany) has the D-Link Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor for sale. To get this price, you have to subscribe to the Newsletter, to get an additional 10%-Coupon. It's shipping free for germany.

The regular price for this sensor is ~38€, and this deal is the cheapest z-wave sensor that I've seen (but not the most beautiful) .

They are shipping to the most european countrys (including netherland), but you have to pay 9,95€. But if you order more than one you are still cheaper.


  • JonJon Member
    Perhaps we could make a joint order?
    Anyone from the Netherlands interested to buy one or a couple?
  • PeaoPeao Member
    edited April 2016
    Thats a good idea! An other option that came to my mind is:

    You can order those to a Tschibo shop for free, and there are a lot near the boarder. If someone lives close to germany this another option. You have to select "Tchibo Filiale Ihrer Wahl (versandkostenfrei)".
  • JonJon Member
    Hmm, in 2nd thought. There are z-wave sensors much less ugly on the market. For those few euros of potential save (and a bit of a hassle) I'd better choose a different one.
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