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Flows triggering twice

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Has anyone seen a single flow trigger twice? I have a very simple flow that flips a boolean value upon a button press, and since 0.8.24 I can confirm this flow gets triggered twice when the button is pressed once (both IR and a Kaku button since 0.8.27 broke the Kaku remote).

To test, I've added a number increment to the boolean flip. When the boolean is set to true and the number value is 0, a single button press causes the boolean to be true (again) and the value to jump to 2.

No other flow touches these two variables, so I can rule out a single button triggering two flows by accident.

How can I troubleshoot this?

Edit: added a test flow with a fresh boolean and number, these flip and increment as expected. Now the other flow also behaves, let's see if it stays like this, it was intermittent previously as well. Some sort of debug window would be so very very helpful.


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  • Thanks, I'll ask over there :)
  • Both KAKU and IR Are protocols that send its signal multiple times to overcome colisions if multiple transmitters send at the same time or other interference. 
    Receivers normally ignore repeating signals, with except to keys that have to repeat like volume up/down.
    Have seen it here also that a KAKU triggers twice. 

  • When did you first see that?
  • I already knew KAKU and other 433 one-way transmitters work this way. This is no problem for what it is designed for. The light switches on or off the first time It receives a signal. 
    I just tested it using my in .27 only working APIR-2150 Motion Sensor  because your msg here. In learning mode.
    every appoximatley 3 or 4 switches to ON triggers a counter twice where we expect to run it once. 
  • Seems like some tuning is required (don't trigger within half a second after the first signal or something along those lines).

    I've seen this in 0.8.24 as well. Maybe I should go back to separate on/off flows instead of flipping booleans. If only the UI supported those extra flows nicely! :)
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