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Athom by google?


  • This really is taking speculation to a next level.
  • tunftunf Member
    If it is mentioned enough, perhaps it will hapen.
  • honeyhoney Member
    • No because Google I mean Alphabet is working on it (not shopping).
    • And if they are shopping they tend to buy US based companies
    • They already have (one of) the best speech engines and cloud network.
    • They already have number of home automation companies (ok Nest is out in this case) in the group so have the know-how so they know how to make the hardware. And if they don`t have the hardware know-how than they tend to outsource it a company with a good, fast turn around design capabilities and reliable supply chain, high volume manufacturing capacity.
    Wouldn`t it be funny after scrapping the Nexus Q and buying a company using that design :smile: 
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