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Smanos Home Alarm systems

hojanhojan Member
edited July 2018 in Archive
Hi there,

did anyone see this yet:

It's a home alarm system with Z-wave support and an API so devices like homey can talk to it.

I already had contact with the dutch manufacturer and they are still aiming for Q2 to release.

It looks promising.


  • very promising indeet.

  • honeyhoney Member
    Most of their products are not available yet. Their wifi doorbell looks good unlike the competitors (except fibaro but that is astronomically priced).
  • hojanhojan Member
    Their current products are available for quite some time now. But they lack API support.

    Is there (from your knowledge) any competitor that offers the same experience for a reasonable price?
  • honeyhoney Member
    Where did you find their doorbell for sale?
  • hojanhojan Member
    Didn't find the doorbell, that is not GA yet. But their older alarm systems are widely available..
  • Are there plans to release an app for Smanos devices? Or is anyone willing to make one?

    I have the Smanos X500 and it would be great if Homey can communicate with all of the devices. As far as I know, it uses 

    In the pack I got:
    • X500 GSM/SMS/RFID Touch Alarm System ×1
    • MD2300 Wireless PIR Motion Detector ×1
    • DS2300 Wireless Door/Window Contact ×2
    • RE2300 Wireless Remote Control ×2
    • PR2600 RFID Tag ×2
    So there's a lot of things that could be connected.
  • ConventoConvento Unconfirmed

    I saw there was discussion some while ago, but no answer could be found.
    Are there any plans of incorporating Smanos (specifically Smanos X500) as an app for the Homey?
    I am waiting for the integration with Smanos to buy a Homey.

    Please let me know.

    Kind regards, 

  • GeurtDijkerGeurtDijker Member
    edited July 2018
    I haven't seen any app or support so far, 
    To inform Athom could you please fill out this form to request support for your device?
    They will then consider to support it!

    in other cases you have to create an App yourself or wait for another community member to create an App. 

    But I would not wait to buy a Homey ;-) 
    just buy it and try to connect Smanos using IFTTT with Homey!
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