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LG Hombot/VParquet vacuum cleaner robot [published v0.9.4]

jordenjorden Member
edited April 2016 in Apps

LG Hombot/VParquet support for Homey

The LG Hombot/VParquet vacuum cleaner does NOT have network-capabilities by default. However, since it has a USB port, you can upgrade the firmware, load custom firmware and equip it with a Wifi dongle. How to do this is explained here:

If you don't do this, you cannot control the vacuum cleaner with Homey using this app.

You need to have the (local) IP-address of your receiver to add the device to Homey (There is no discovery (yet)).

The following cards will be enabled in the flow:

  • Start cleaning
  • Pause cleaning
  • Return to loadingstation.

Use at your own risk, I accept no responsibility for any damages caused by using this app.

App has been finished, will be added to the app store as soon as the app store is online again. Already posted this for people who want to control their LG Hombot vacuum cleaner with Homey, so they can see the requirements


  • First version has just been published. 
  • Is it also possible to have the Hombot status with the app? I don't have a Homey yet, but this would be nice if this can be accomplished. Some time ago I wrote a Bash script to do this in Domoticz.
  • Yeah, this is just a first draft. I will probably update it with new commands and status soon.
  • Very nice!
  • Ha i was planning to create this at some point :smile: guess i no longer have to
  • Version 0.9.3 is just published to the app store.

    I have added condition cards:
    • [CONDITION] Is (not) cleaning

    • [CONDITION] Is (not) reachable
    • [CONDITION] Is (not) heading to docking station
    • [CONDITION] Is (not) docking
    • [CONDITION] Is (not) charging
  • Version 0.9.4 has just been published to the app store.

    New action cards available:
    • [ACTION] Set clean mode (zigzag, spiral spot, cell by cell)
    • [ACTION] Set turbo on/off
    • [ACTION] Set repeat on/off
    • [ACTION] Move forward
    • [ACTION] Move backward
    • [ACTION] Turn left
    • [ACTION] Turn right

  • Version 0.9.5 submitted to the app store for approval.
    • Added ability to change IP of your Hombot device
    • Sadly, this means you will have to remove your device and add it again
  • henorhenor Member
    I can;t get my hombot to work via homey.  It is connected to my wifi network and works fine through the Webinterface,  adding it to homey also works fine as it recognizes it correctly. But when I add it to a flowcard and activate the flow, then it keeps spinning and nothing happens.   Am I doing something wrong? 
  • Here it works like it should be. You sure u used the correct ip?
  • jordenjorden Member
    @henor that probably means wrong IP indeed. Make sure you only enter the IP-address and no spaces, or http:// 

    Simply like this:
  • henorhenor Member
    jorden  No, i typed the correct IP,  the same as the webinterface of the Hombot. And Homey finds says it is found.: See below.


    Then it is correctly added.
    But, in the flow, it keeps spinning when I test it:

    And nothing happens then.  I did everything you said, but......

    Any other ideas?

  • jordenjorden Member
    There is no check on the ip you enter. So you can enter whatever you want, and it will still be added. 

    I might  make an update so that if it times out, you get to hear it. 
  • I had to readd it when i upgraded Homey but now it finds the correct IP but I get the error Invalid Capability
  • jordenjorden Member
    Yeah, experienced the same (in almost all my apps, LOL, at least I'm mostly consequent ;))

    If you want to try it you can fix it yourself by downloading from Github and editing app.json , change:
    capabilities: [ "" ]
    capabilities: []

    Then athom project --install to install

    I will update the app in the appstore in the coming days.
  • Oke thanks for the fast respond :)
    I'm hoping for the update soon
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