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Email about gmail account

PandaPanda Member
edited March 2016 in Archive
Guys what the heck... Please use BCC if you send out a mass email instead of putting everyone in the TO field.

everyone can see each others address...


  • I was just thinking the same.. So far for privacy concerns.. Really unprofessional in my opinion! 
  • joachimjoachim Member
    edited March 2016
    Hi guys, 

    You're totally right on this. This shouldn't have happened. You should have gotten a subsequent email about it.

    Again, my apologies for this.
  • luccie_007luccie_007 Member
    edited March 2016

    Hope no-one gets this is in his head.
  • Its even da... 

    Hope no-one gets this is in his head.
    So was it smart to mention it here? No one wants to do that agains Athom right? Perhaps it's better to remove that part out of the public..
  • JaapPeltJaapPelt Member
    edited March 2016
    They quickly realized their mistake and a apology has been send. They're human and it's a small company. Mistakes will be made however unfortunate it can be.

    Let's be honest and fair about it: mistakes were made, apology accepted. 
  • @luccie_007
    You can edit your post to overcome someone is making it Athom very difficult.
  • Sent out a reply just minutes after the email was received. 
    This really is a stupid mistake...would have expected a much quicker response...
    has nothing to do with a young or small company, it should not have happened in the first place..
  • aloftaloft Member
    You can edit your post to overcome someone is making it Athom very difficult.
    For those who understand Dutch:

    TL;Dr : email addresses in a Cc by accident are not a 'privacy breach' , but IANAL.
  • Arnoud Engelfriet is a pretty influential lawyer though  ;) It appears every organisation has to make this mistake once.....
  • Not cool! Accident or not, we are talking about a lot of adresses... 427 to be exact :/ I noticed some have a profile picture and such. Alas most mail adresses are probably linked/hooked to a google account... :(

    On the other hand, no use crying over spilled water... Let's pray none of them are happy hackers and all are just your average geek/user  :|
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