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[APP] Lightwave RF/ Siemens App Published

AndyWildeAndyWilde Member
edited September 2017 in Apps

Homey App for Lightwave RF / Siemens

This app supports LightwaveRF devices, further functionality will be added however this currently supports switching of sockets and lamps.

Version 0.1

Current Features

  • Tuning on and off plugs and lamps
  • Dimming Lamps and Dimable plug sockets
  • PIR Sensing


  • LW 2100 Doorbell (Remote & Bell Unit)
  • LW 400/420/430/440 wired dimmable light switches
  • LW 260/270 Sockets
  • LW 301 Plug-in Dimmer
  • LW 321 Plug-in On/Off
  • LW 107 PIR Sensor
  • LW 100 Remote

Possible support for however these are not tested

  • LW800 Series in line dimmers
  • Some Siemens devices have been tested and should work based as they are use the same protocol

Future releases will address

  • Dimming from remote
  • Other Lightwave products


  • honeyhoney Member
    edited March 2016
    Great stuff! It is a very comprehensive app. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put in this, it is very much appreciated. Looking forward to test it.
    Lets see who else is here from the UK...
  • Getting error on install says 
    Something went wrong. Try again.
    Show detailed informationSomething went wrong, please try again
  • AndyWildeAndyWilde Member
    edited March 2016
    Can you try again,  I think this could be a error with the connection to the app store rather than an error in the app
  • Hi
    since you develop this App could you pleaee tell me how much effort could it be to do something like this for another brand of RF my case Jung..? As they use same frequency 
    Don you know if your code can be copied and with just a few changes will work for Jung?
    Thanks in advance 
  • I just had a look at the jung devices and they have some quite good aesthetics,   

    The main issue with this would be to understand the protocol (the way the RF message is formatted) used by Jung,  if you have anything please post it and I can take a look.   
  • honeyhoney Member
    The currently supported Siemens products uses one way 433Mhz communication. The Jung RF products uses two way 868,3 MHz communication. KNX protocol is very different from the one used by the LightwaveRF/Siemens or CoCo/KaKu products. But don`t give up, it`s worth trying.
  • Thanks for your replies
    I will look for more info about the Jung devices and the protocol and get back here

  • Is there possibility of adding control for the Siemens thermostat switches. Eg rcr10. Etc.
  • I don't think its the same protocol and unfortunatly don't have one to test
  • I have managed to install but I have an issue with an LW420 dimmable wired light-switch, I am able to turn the lights on, but am unable to now switch them off?
    I have read that it may be :
    1. LED GU10 bulbs - but i have the approved GU10 Luminox Dimmable, by SaveLightUK
    2. Bad Signal - I have moved the homey up until the point of being next to the switch - but with out any joy
    3. Transmitter (transceiver) Firmware - do we know what chip has been installed in the Homey ? as it appears we may need to update its firmware if its an RFXtrx? as they have an issue with turning off equipment.

    Any thought ?

  • I have tested it with a single gang and triple gang wired wall switch and it was fine so I don't think there is any difference with a double gang,   One thing I have noticed is that some of the timing for the remotes various greatly between remote,  even using the same type of remote which is something that we need to take into account in software.   I the next release it has a slight modified single protocol to try to detect all varieties of remotes that I have tested,  but it seams you have a TX issue not an RX.

    A few question to help me diagnose the problems
    Do you only have 1 light wave device or do you have more?
    Does it work with other lightwave devices?
    If you manually turn off the switch does Homey still have the ability to turn off the light?
    Are you able to dim up / down the light?
    Do you get the same response if you are triggering the light from a flow and the devices page?


  • thanks for your quick response,

    1. I only have one lightwave device and am sending the command from homey without a remote 
    2. sorry do not have any yet : (
    3. if i turn it off manually Homey can switch it back on
    4. yes I am able to dim up and down and turn them on ...I am only unable to turn them off

    I have just put it through a basic flow and it turns it on, dims up and down ...but just won't turn them off.


  • I will look into this,   Initial thoughts are that I can make a testing device where we can send different transmit codes to the dimmer to see how it responds.
  • As an up date, i purchased a lwj100 remote, linked it directly to the switch ...and hey presto it turns on,off and dims all through out the house :)

    So it does appear to be an issue with homey ??



  • Could you try pairing again but instead of choosing the wired dimmer switch choose a Plug in on/off.  It should still work.  And report on the behaviour of the on/off functionality

  • Hi Sorry,
    have tried the Plug in/off turns on the light but again will not turn it off as with the lw420 wired dimmer,

    so still not working
  • Hi Andy,

    Does it support the LightwaveRF Magnetic Switch (JSJSLW904)?
  • Yes,  this working 
  • Great - I just ordered the doorbell and I'll grab this too :)

    I couldn't find a LW2100 but I'm assuming the LW2101 is similar enough to work?
  • Yes the door bell works too,  I just use different codes to identify between the door bell press and the door bell ringer,  It will decode the door bell press  to the homey as this uses normal lightwave RF protocol,  Sending from the Homey to the ringer should work but this uses a different protocol and I do not have enough devices to see if this is a unique code or general code.
  • I can gather any information you need when this one arrives?
  • I just grabbed the PIR and door sensors from Maplin - Can't connect either to Homey. I'm running 0.8.30
    Are there any logs I can check?
  • Theres no logs to check,  In the next version there will be a device test page,  where is it going wrong?

  • So after installing from the app store, I go to Devices -> Add -> Clip Lightwave RF
    Then click Wireless Door Sensor or Wireless PIR.

    At the device add\test I move the magnet to open & close the reed switch\Move hand infront of PIR sensor.
    Nothing happens, no errors or any indication of receiving a signal.
  • Hi Andy, after resetting Homey, I can add the door sensor (the jpg changes when I open\close).

    However - it's not working in any flows, are you running 0.8.30?
  • Hi,  Good thats is being added now,  if its being added it should work in the flows,  I am on the same version.
  • Cannot even login to my homey now to test,  I will have to try later

  • I add the device, status changes when opened\closed as expected:

    Then I create a simple flow, which never triggers:

    I've tested an NFC and timed trigger which work fine, so not sure what else it could be?

  • Yes, I can confirm this is a bug,  seams to have developed since 0.8.30.  I need to check into it.
  • Great - glad it's not just me going mad :)

    Let me know if you need any testing done before submitting the change.
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