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  • martinniehot
    He peao 
    First of all, sorry for the bad English. (I'm Dutch) 
    I have a question about alexa and homey. 
    I was looking for this, so thanks. 
    Is it possible that you teach me how to implement alexa to the homey with ifttt. 

    Because I want to buy several alexa's, as you did. So I can communicate through each one to the homey.  But I can't figure it out how to get them together. 

    So I hope that you're willing to help me. 
    Thanks a lot. 
    January 2017
    • Peao
      Hey matinniehot, of course I can help you with that!
      Its very easy to connect Homey to IFTTT if you havent yet download the IFTTT app.
      Alexa can be connected via (even though it is only for UK and US it works well with german language).
      After youve set everything up you can create a flow in Homey with IFTTT card as trigger. e.g. IFTTT: Lights
      Then you have to go to and create a Applet with IF: Alexa hears a specific phrase THEN: HomeyFlow: Lights.

      Unfortunately you have to do this for every single voice command (1x Flow 1x IFTTT Applet).

      It is very easy to connect more than one Echo Dot. You have to add them to your account and they should automatically work together (They can identify which one is the nearest to you and this one will respond).

      Hope that helped you,