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  • powermarcel10

    Just a question.. I saw this post from you:

    I would like to execute scripts on a Windows computer with homey. So far I have found three solutions, but none of the them works:

    1. HTTP apps with Airytec switch off:
    It works fine for switching off the computer, but not for executing predefined scripts. I am having the same problem as this guy:
    Does anyone know a solution for this?

    2. Twitter app with Tweet my pc:
    The authorization for twitter does not work anymore as twitter seems to have changed thier api. As you can read from the discussion, the programmer does not intend to update is program anymore

    3. IFFTT with this method:
    However you can ask your Windows computer to execute the scripte i.e. to check your dropbox only every five minutes, which makes this method to slow for my purposes.

    Does anyone know a working solution with a low time delay?

    Did you find a solution to get it working? Airytec is not able to run scripts. Only local as you described. Only rebooting and shutdown is working for me.

    I hope you can help me a but further with it!
    August 2018