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Voice message over Sonos


pr now I use Homey for giving voice messages to me, like «Remember to take out the trash» and those types of messages. Have anyone managed to make Alexa say those messages instead of homey?


  • JPeJPe Member
    What does Sonos have to to do with this question?
  • Because sonos is the speaker I want to get the voice out of..
  • JPe said:
    What does Sonos have to to do with this question?
    I guess that he have a Sonos One with integrated Alexa Voice Control
  • You can't use Alexa to tell messages others then feedback from Alexa from Homey, Alexa is only able to process commands given to Homey and give feedback about that commands. Maybe you like Sonos as your default speaker, i think that will be possible to use a amplifier from Sonos and attach it to Homey
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