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Xiaomi Cube (Zigbee) - usability - options - how to - discussion



  • Maybe try something like this?
  • That works for me! 
  • Why does my Better Logic card does not recognize the Volume?Rocodamelshe said:

    Maybe try something like this?

    Why does my Better Logic card not recognize my volume(Sonos)? 
  • U made the better logic variable first?
  • Thanks to Domoticahuis it's working now!
  • And are u willing to post the solution also for future references?
  • JaxcJaxc Member
    For me this does not (yet) work, the beteer logic is not responding every time, so volume sometimes make big jumps after a couple of rotations. Still looking to solve this. And how can i make sure <0 and >100 are not set??
  • JaxcJaxc Member
    edited August 2018
    Solved the issue with jumping of the volume, it seems +0.1 and -0.1 sometimes results in 0.0000000003 ore something. And Sonos does not accept that.
    Solved it by Matjs : round ({Sonos volume tag},1)
    With a 1 sec delay between the cards , this works :)

    Thnx @TedTolboom and @Rocodamelshe

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