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Homey v.2 (Not asking "When"...)

As the title says, I'm not here to nag about when it comes out:p

When it does come out. Do we need to install all devices again (I think so, but dont remember to have seen anyone talking about it)?
And if so, we also need to make all flows again?

I only ask so that I can start writing down some of my flows, and maybe improve them some on paper. And not use several hours improving my system if it all needs to be done again anyway.



  • BramBram Member, Athom
    @patphoto You do not need to install all devices again and also your flows will stay intact. It is just like a regular firmware update, so no worries:)
  • Great !  Thank you :)
    I just remembered that when I installed sdk2 of the (I think it was qubino) app. I needed to install the devices again.

    Then I'll make my flows better later today !  :)
  • Correct, I read in the information for the 2.0 version of the Qbino app
    • Major update to SDKv2 (please note, it is advised to re-pair your devices, otherwise some functionality might break)
    In some cases the first versions where not always optimal of full featured but sufficient to release.  Most of the times the developer created  a compatible version but new features are not always possible without  pairing again. 
    Only SDK 1 apps with a settings page probably have an issue in Homey firmware version 2.
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