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Language support plans?

OpenMind_NLOpenMind_NL Member
edited January 2017 in Questions & Help
I was reading the thread about German voice recognition and saw that beta-tests are being planned.
Maybe it's a good idea when Athom tells which languages are going into alpha/beta, so developers can start to prepare their apps for it if they want to?


  • Where do you see there are going to be beta testers for other languages?

    the only thing athom said about german languages is that it will come somewhere in the first half of 2017,
    the rest is all community with options they like to see happening.
  • OpenMind_NLOpenMind_NL Member
    edited January 2017
    I just saw the suggestion to let the German users test the voice recognition at

    That's all.... could be pre-alpha also... excuse me for that.
  • davidertldavidertl Unconfirmed, Member
    Hello dear Athom Team,
    since we have 2018 and there is still no german language.. when will it come? 
    I bought homey because there was a promise it will come soon.. more then 1 year later after it should be here I am still waiting and you didn't even tell when it will come.. 
  • Oy1974Oy1974 Member
    ^^^^ @Bram  

  • Why not just give your community a chance to translate it for you using localise?
  • BramBram Member
    Right now our main focus is on the release of firmware version 2.0 and the new mobile app. After that we can focus on other things again such as translating Homey to other languages. 
  • AaronAaron Member
    But @Bram Why not involve the community in this? It would be much faster and it would save jou resources...
  • BramBram Member
    @Aaron The language part of Homey is part of Homey core and not accessible by "normal" users.
  • Bram said:
    @Aaron The language part of Homey is part of Homey core and not accessible by "normal" users.
    Still it is an excellent idea...

    Let’s split language into two different aspects: voice (output/recognition) and UI...

    Both are part of the core.
    Voice will be quite difficult to contribute to... and I think people are more looking towards the UI side...

    but for UI, due to the way localization is setup I would expect that there is a library/ localization file (not containing any IP)...

    where the community is capable to contribute to... 
    it just needs to be put at Github..
  • BramBram Member
    The problem is that if for example the community translates the UI, new users might expect the voice part of Homey to also be translated. This can of course be done if Athom translates the voice part in Homey to the designated language, but right now we do not have the dev power to do so. Thats why Athom is taking a closer look at this once firmware version 2.0 and the new mobile app are released:) 
    However, I will forward this idea to the rest of the team to see what the possibilities are and if this might be possible in the future. 
  • SytzeSytze Member
    These could be presented as seperate skills. For example my Android phone is capable of running in a lot of languages, however Google Assistent is only available in a limited amount of languages. This is made pretty clear.

    Athom could for example give a simple popup warning when a language is selected for the UI, without the availability of voice control in said language. Simply state something like 'Be aware that voice control is not activated in this language, voice will therefor not work or default back to English'. Problem solved :smile:
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