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[NEW APP] Virtual Radar - Track your airspace anywhere in the world

gruijter_devgruijter_dev Member
edited June 2018 in Apps
Mostly because I could I make an app that turns your Homey into an airspace radar. Or actually multiple radars that you can setup anywhere in the world. It uses live ADS-B tracker info from

Use cases:

* Prove to the local airport that there really are too many night flights over your house
* Ever wanted to know where that plane over your house is heading?
* Do you want to track the local Police Helicopter?
* Do you need a record of small planes flying over your estate too low?
* Interested in knowing where Military airplanes are?
* Do you want to track your pilot husband all over the world?
* Do you want a push message when your wife is taking the helicopter again?


### Action flow cards ###

* Aircraft entering airspace
* Aircraft moving in airspace
* Aircraft leaving airspace
* Tracker came online
* Tracker info was updated
* Tracker went offline
* Aircraft went airborne (tracker)
* Aircraft landed (tracker)

With the flow cards you get the following tokens:

- dist: The distance to the aircraft in kilometres.
- bearing: The bearing from the radar to the aircraft clockwise from 0° north
- alt: The altitude in meters adjusted for local air pressure.
- ground: True if the aircraft is on the ground
- km/h: The ground speed in km/h
- vert.: Vertical speed in meter per minute.
- species: The species of the aircraft (helicopter, jet etc.)
- mil: True if the aircraft appears to be operated by the military.
- icao: ICAO unique ID
- reg: The registration
- call: The callsign
- model: A description of the aircraft's model. Usually also includes the manufacturer's name.
- oprtr: The name of the aircraft's operator.
- from: The code and name of the departure airport.
- to: The code and name of the arrival airport.
- help: True if the aircraft is transmitting an emergency squawk.

Can you use this app? Or is it just eating up precious Homey memory? Give me feedback!


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