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Zone order


I might be experiencing a bug of some sorts.
But what is the logic behind the ordering of zones? I want my zones to be order alphabetically, but it all seems rather random. 
If i pull the 'alrum' zone (which always sits at the bottom) to the top of the list, go to flows, and back to devices (or refresh)- it ends up at the bottom again. My garage-zone (which in alpabetical order should be quite a long way down the list) - seems to be stuck at the top of the zone-list, if i pull anything above it - and refresh the page, it flys to the top again.

What am i missing?


  • BramBram Member
    Which version of the Homey firmware are you currently using?
  • Hi.

    Version 1.5.11
  • Hi Jens, you were just missing me.... ;-P
    Tried to reproduce, but on Chrome (web UI) the reordering of zones is permanent... not switching back like you mentioned...

    Are you using the same browser? Or the Desktop app?
  • Hi Ted!

    I'm using Chrome, it's not a new issue per se - I had just given up.
    Now i'm enjoying some vacation/homey-time, and found out that nothing had changed.

    I've tried from different browsers, Chrome (win and mac) - same difference :-|
  • Strange, same version also chrome... and no issue..
    It is an option to clear the cache of Chrome and see if that resolves the issue?
  • BramBram Member
    I also tried to reproduce it in Chrome and on the desktop app, seems to work fine by me. Anyone else who has this problem on 1.5.11?
  • I'll try safari - one second.
  • Hmm.. safari seems to remember.
    Chrome doesn't follow suit though.

    Should the mobileapps zone-list be the same order as the web-apps?
  • Redid all my zones in safari - seems to stick.
    Tried with edge (yeah, i know) - one zone (Outside) seems to jump to the top in this carcrash of a browser.
  • LurendrejerLurendrejer Member
    edited July 2018
    Maybe you can make sense of this:
    On safari, after a complete reorder, everthing is fine (in safari)
    order: Alrum, Bryggers, Gang, Garage, Idas room, Kontor, Soveværelse, Stue, WC, Theos Room, Ude, Homeydash

    In edge: Ude, Homeydash, Alrum, Bryggers, Theos Room, Idas Room, Kontor, Soveværelse, WC, Gang, Garage.

    Chrome: Garage, WC, Stue, Bryggers, kontor.... 

    In the mobile app, everything is ordered as in Edge.

    Could it be a problem with some danish characters? æ, ø and å?
  • Tried again on another mac.
    Chrome (with a different google-profile) - is still off, but the same as all the other chromes.
    Safari (different apple-ID) still has the right order.

    After clearing the mobile apps data on my android, it still returns to the Edge-order.
  • LurendrejerLurendrejer Member
    edited July 2018
    Since you both are trusted members of the community, would one of you be willing the test - if i gave your accounts access to my homey?
    It has to be something with the Homey, since my browsers on difference machines seems to behave the same.

    This would be the only way to clarify if the problem is sitting in the chair in front of the computer.
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