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INNR Zigbee - main discussion topic



  • percato said:
    Hi, is an Innr smart bulb RB145 supposed to work with Homey without any bridge? I have bought a RB145 today but my Homey cant pair it. "no device found". Please help!
    Thanks in advance?
    Pair it as a generic Zigbee device first and take a screenshot of the device node information and paste it here.
  • Tried everything you recommended. Then I switched to Hue and it worked just as easy as as Sonos, Aeotec etc.... No Innr is cheaper but not as good quality as hue. Thanks for your help anyway. Br, Per

  • My innr bulb hasn't been working for the past week and I'd assumed it was the sensor. After changing the battery I noticed new app is giving this error for the bulb

    Rebooting homey has same issue

    Any ideas?
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