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Google Assistant settings


I'm using the google assistant (with the google mini speakers), but it seems to use voice match to allow only me to talk to homey. Also activating google Flow requires it to recognize my voice (which works only 70% of the time, I guess my voice is different in the morning, especially with a hangover ;p?)

Now I can't find the Homey configuration anywhere in Google Home app, or in the Homey application, or in the Google Assistant apps. Is there a way I can allow everyone to give Homey commands via the Google mini speakers? 




  • Herman2604Herman2604 Member
    edited June 2018
    Hi, i got this from the google website:

    Set up Voice Match
    Open the Google Home app Google Home app.
    Make sure the Google Home app is updated with the latest version.
    Make sure your phone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Google Home.
    Tap Menu Menu and make sure the Google Account listed is the one you want to link to your voice. To switch accounts, click the triangle next to the Account name and choose the correct Account. 
    In the top right corner of the app's Home screen, tap Devices Devices . Find the device card or the device you're setting up with Voice Match. 
    From the device card, tap the blue banner labeled Multi user is now available, Link your account, or Get personal results with Voice Match and then CONTINUE. 
    If you haven’t already agreed to what is required to get help from your Assistant, you’ll see a screen outlining the permissions. Tap I agree. 
    Training your voice:
    If you've never set up Voice Match and trained your voice, follow the prompts to teach your Assistant to recognize your voice. You'll say "Ok Google” twice and “Hey Google” twice. 
    ​If you've set up Voice Match before, you won't need to teach your Assistant to recognize your voice. 
    To hear personal information, you must turn on Personal results. Tap I agree. 
    To invite others to set up Voice Match for tailored results, tap INVITE, choose your communication method, and send the invite. To skip this step, tap No thanks.

    Note: Your Assistant uses your voice to access your personal information. But a similar voice might be able to access this info, too. Only turn on Personal Results if you're comfortable sharing your personal information with others.

    Hope this helps
  • Thanks for your response!

    I don't seem to have multi user option in the device settings for the speakers at all in the home app though :(
  • I'm not sure but on this screen right bottom is a plus, that way user could be added, but if I click it it goes searching for devices. I'll try if it works with anothet active phone
    Tomorrow, I'm gonna need this in the future as well, as soon as I can buy a Google home ?

  • First teach your own voice. When this is done you will get a potion for invite
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