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[APP] Novy Intouch

wingiewingie Member
edited December 2016 in Apps

This is the official thread of the Novy Intouch app for Homey. 

With this app you can manage your Novy Intouch damper system via Homey.

You can use this thread to discuss features and functionality. The openings thread will be updated with info about new releases, added functionality and other supported devices.


  1. To install this app on your Homey, go to the app store and download the app. (
  2. Navigate to your Homey and go to Devices > Add devices and select the Novy Intouch icon and follow the instructions that are shown on your screen. (for pairing the device)
Please check the FAQ in this post if you have any issues connecting to your Novy Intouch damper before posting in this thread.

Release information:

Notice: currently, only toggling lights connected to your Novy Intouch damper is supported
Current version: 0.0.2 First release to the appstore


  • First release to the appstore

Older changelogs: 

  • not available at this moment


Currently working:
  • Turning on/off the lights of the damper

Speech support: At the moment there is no speech support.

Flow support:
  • When light command is received


  • No conditions defined at this moment
  • Send light command
Please note: there is no specific on or off setting; The Novy Intouch light will just toggle the current mode. Unfortunately, there is no way for Homey to know the state of the light (on or off)

The sources are released to Github:

Future features: (will be added in a later version)
  • Support for Dutch language. (translations and little source enhancement already have been sent to Ralf)
  • Turning on/off of the damper.
  • Change the speed of the damper suction harder/softer.



Q: <Reserved for Future >
A: <Reserved for Future >


Testing done by 'Wingleader'


If you like the app, consider a donation to support development
Paypal donate


  • You cannot turn off or turn on the light, only toggle it
  • Turning on/off the actual damper system is not supported yet, this is under development and will come in a future version.


  • Is it also posible to add support for the Novy Zen? The main feature of this damper is the added functionaliteit to also serve as a lamp. See:
  • Keep up the good work!!! Changing speed is very good feature, when do you think this could be added to this app?
  • I get an error when I try to install this. Anyone that also has this problem or know how to fix this?

  • aloftaloft Member
    edited June 2017
    @btwvince  App has been updated to 0.0.3 ; installation is now possible. 

    Other features will come in the near future, development has been a bit slow due to lack of time. 
  • Hi, just installed this nice app to control my new Novy. Works fine to switch the lights. Unfortunately, that's the only feature until now :(. When can we expect an update containing more features? Would be very useful. Thx in advance!
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