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Lametric widget card

iTSMeiTSMe Member
Trying to use the widget card, but there is no widget available. Lametric software version 2.0.5, Homey Firmware Versie: 1.5.4.
Am I doing something wrong or is this function broken?


  • Thanks for reporting. I'll look into it. Some api endpoints are changed.
  • ok, thanks for the quick fix
  • Unfortunately no progress yet on the app, any way to wake up Switnesses??
  • iTSMe said:
    Unfortunately no progress yet on the app, any way to wake up Switnesses??
    Don't know. But you can install my fork of the app for the time being:
  • mruitermruiter Member
    edited January 2018
    Thx Erik
  • iTSMeiTSMe Member
    edited January 2018
    Thanks, installed it by cli  and it is working like supposed
  • Hi Erik
    I removed the LaMetric app from the App store.
    I installed your fork.
    I try to add the LaMetric again (adding a device to Homey).
    I get a 404-error
    What am I doing wrong?
  • I uninstalled the fork, reinstalled the original app.
    Now I can log in again
    I notice something different in the top left corner: "LaMetric" or "LaMetric Developer"
    I only have one account, so this is rather strange.

    When I click "Allow", I get this error:

    So now my LaMetric isn't working anymore. I can't add it again.
    Any help is welcome.
  • I'll look into this
  • I've send you a PM for some debugging/solving options.
    For all others: don't uninstall the original app before installing the fork. Just install the fork over the existing app on your homey. That way flows, settings and authentication will stay active and valid. 
  • Yup, I can confirm that, installed over the original and no problems at all. Working very nice in combination with Bluesound audiostreaming, every new track is shown on the Lametric
  • @ErikVanDongen

    I'm planning of buying a LaMetric Time, however i see some unresolved issues on Github.
    is the device working with the current app in the Athom App store? 

  • @Jwoudenberg  Working OK here. 
  • JwoudenbergJwoudenberg Member
    edited July 2018


    So i got my lametric time and installed the app, but i cant seem to get the icons working from the homey to the device.

    Latest app version from the store: v1.0.4 - 27.03.18 and Lametric latest firmware 2.0.9.

    There are no icons showing i can add to a message. (the message without icon is working fine btw)

    When i use the other card.  Notificatie (icoon) i also need to select a homey?? this also gives an error.

    Any help is appreciated


    I saw there is already a github issue for this problem

    Installed the app from erik via CLI, problem is also in this version? The widget card is working for my in both the app version as on erik's cli installed version.

    After some tests it seems the app keeps crashing when getting data from the api (overload of data?)
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