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[APP] Opentherm gateway 2.0

lubbertkramerlubbertkramer Member
edited December 2017 in Apps
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  • I've just uploaded the code for the 2.0 version of the OpenTherm Gateway app to GitHub.

    Since this is a complete re-write, I'm looking for people willing to test the code.

    Don't just install this version if you are using version 1.0.x, as there are significant changes.
    • Adds support for multiple gateways
    • Adds support for changing gateway hardware configuration
    • Adds support for user defined sensor devices
    • Removed temperature and pressure devices
    • Backend API rewritten, should be more robust

    Migration: Important note

    If you have version 1.0.x of the application installed, please read these notes before switching to version 2.

    • A Gateway device is needed for the application to work. You will need to add this device after the upgrade.
    • The Temperature and Pressure devices are no longer supported. They will need to be replaced by Sensor devices.
    • Only the Thermostat device can be re-used, but it is adviced to remove this and pair a new one as well.
    • Logging values to Insights can no longer be selected separately; to log data to Insights it will need to be a part of a Sensor device
    • Application settings have been moved to the Gateway and Thermostat devices
    • Be aware when installing version 2 that Insights data will be lost and flows will be broken
    If you find issues, please submit them on GitHub.
  • Perfect! Will install now.
  • I am willing to test, but it won't be this week.
    At the moment I'm still using the old version.
  • Hi I'm using in version 2.0 the CHMODE status to switch the floor heating pump on and off. In the flow i can only use the status of the  mode becoming active. For me it would be easier to use a CHMODE active signal.
    Or am i overlooking something here

  • RamonBaasRamonBaas Member
    edited December 2017
    @bvmullem Not sure if understand the issue. You can check if a status variable has become active or inactive. The trigger card has a drop-down for that. In the condition check that the `status` token equals `CHMode `. Is the issue that you need to create two flows now for active and inactive?
  • I get the error message "De OpenTherm Gateway kan niet gevonden worden op!" when adding the gateway device.
    Connecting directly with putty to seems to work just fine.
  • RamonBaasRamonBaas Member
    edited December 2017
    @exeldro So what output do you get in putty when you send ‘PR=A’?
  • mruitermruiter Member
    edited December 2017
    I had this to. This was my OpenTherm Gateway itself. I needed to hit the reset button on it and then it joined like a charm.
    It was doing its job but just didnt react anymore to the needed PR=A

  • My OpenTherm Gateway was not repsonding to the PR=A, but it was sending boiler and thermostat data. After I reconnected everything it started responding to the PR=A. Now everything works.
  • exactly the same here. was doing everything ok except responding to the pr=a
  • As I'm assuming version 2.0 works OK as it is, I'm planning to promote it to stable release pretty soon.
  • gijsjegijsje Member
    I have just changed back from a hacked toon to my otgw as the toon does not work with Homey.
    I only have an issue with the otgw that it is not updating any value.
    It did put in a value when installed the app but not after that.
    It does update the setpoint when i do this from homey but not when i change it on the thermostat itself.
    It is all working in domoticz without any issue.

    Here is also a part of the data coming into the homey
    23:09:42.579[] Unknown message: 00000010/00000000,13.00,00000011/00000011,100.00,0/0,19.00,0.00,0.00,22.85,40.90,0.00,13.00,40.60,60/40,75/20,70.00,80.00,53824,56896,1688,3264,11884,13208,56,671 (ignoring)
    23:09:42.444[] Unknown message: PS: 1 (ignoring)
    23:09:42.423[] Unknown message: PR: O=T19.00 (ignoring)
    23:09:42.422[] Unknown message: PR: I=00 (ignoring)
    23:09:42.420[] Unknown message: PR: G=00 (ignoring)
    23:09:42.412[] Unknown message: SC: 23:09/4 (ignoring)
    23:09:42.324[] Unknown message: OT: 13.00 (ignoring)

    Any suggestions?

  • @gijsje I don't recognise the messages from 23:09:42.579 - no idea what data that is, but not valid OTG messages. The other messages like 'PS: 1' the OTG will only recognise when it has sent it itself. If commands are sent via another master (e.g. otmonitor) it will ignore them. What do you see with all logging on? Do you get thermostat and boiler messages (T..., B...)?
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