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Hands toghether



  • Bumblez said:
    RobValk said:
    Good topic. It's mostly seems there are only complaints everywhere, but in reality I think the majority is eagerly and patiently awaiting (news about) their homey.  But that's not something to make a topic or post about

    Keep the positive vibe going, and keep up the good work 
    I think most of those who pre-ordered are quietly waiting for their Homey. There's a small but vocal minority complaining on the forum, so when reading the big topics here, it can quickly feel that most people are unhappy. And I don't think that's the case at all.
    I applaud Athom for staying focused on delivering top quality, despite all the setbacks and delays, and despite that negativity and the push to deliver the Homey fast. Keep up the great work!
  • hugs, kisses, love, klapping and so on, for the athom team, the community and HOMEY.
    Stay in the good vibes B)
  • <3  Peace <3
  • this is more like it :smiley: 
  • +1  and :heart: 
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