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LUX / light sensor

KvMKvM Member
Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of getting a light sensor for my living room, so homey knows when to turn on the lights when I come home. My living room is quite dark, so only on really sunny weather the lights should be kept off.

First I tried working with a time frame when to turn the lights on or not. Later I tried using sunset times using the "sunevents" app. But still not the desired result.

So what I think I need, is a light / Lux sensor which homey can ask the current value to decide to turn on the lights or not when I arrive home. So it would be nice if Home can actual "ask" the sensor for a current value. 

Which sensor can you recommend? Or do you have another solution?

Any suggestions are welcome :-)


  • EternityEternity Member
    edited June 2018
    I use Aeotec multi sensors, but I guess all sensors that report lux will work.

    The trigger card 'lux changed' is what triggers the flow.


    IF   lux changed 

    AND  lux > xxx
    (and time is daytime) 
    (and 'anything you like')

    THAN   switch the light off

    As an example, Homey shuts my bedroom curtains IF the lux value exceeds 100. 

    Now, because I don't want the curtains shut all day, I made a second flow to open them again. But, as the bedroom sensor is 'in the dark', I use the value of my hallway sensor to trigger the flow:

  • KvMKvM Member
    edited June 2018
    I was thinking something like that as well to turn the lights on when I'm already home and it becomes dark. But I also want the "thuiskomen" flow to check the lux value.

    Maybe I can store it in a variable using "better logic" or something. 

    Do you know how often this sensor "triggers" on "de helderheid is veranderd"? Does it report to homey in a fixed interval, of does it check like every <minute / x seconds> and reports only when the value has changed?
  • @KvM

    The update frequency is user adjustable (I have the sensor USB powered!) and set at 600 seconds:

  • KvMKvM Member
    That is looking good! Is this the settings page of Aeotec, or can I expect something similar for other sensors as well?
  • This is the setting page of the Aeotec multi sensor 6. I have a couple of these,  as I wanted usb powered sensors. Not cheap, but a good investment.
  • yemoHyemoH Member
    I would recommend to use a combined motion / light sensor. You might be at home but taking a nap in the bed room. Then there is no need for light in the living room.
  • KvMKvM Member
    But on the other hand, when i'm on the couch watching TV, or cooking dinner in the kitchen,  I want the light to stay on
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